Almond Tart (p)


Almond paste topped with the sweetness and crunch of caramelised, glazed almond bits – our Almond Tart simply delivers a luxurious taste of ALMOND in every bite!

These tasty little tarts, with their sweet, ground almond filling, are a wonderful finish to a light summer meal. Serve with sliced fresh peaches and whipped cream to make them extra-special.

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“p” refers to Parev (item does not contain any meat or dairy products)
“m” refers to Milk (item contains Dairy but does not contain any Meat products)
f ” refers to Meat (item contains no dairy products)

*Deliveries are available subject to a delivery charge and minimum order value of R 350,00
*Allergens – our facility uses Gluten, wheat, tree nuts & peanuts
*If you would like something that is not available on our list – please ask

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